Press Release: Thoughts

Czech minimalist piano composer Borrtex presents his new instrumental album titled thōughts. Featured songs in the modern classical genre introduce a whole new perspective on the work of this 20 year-old talented artist, who decided to pursue his full time career in the music industry. 

The combination of trance ambient atmosphere with soft piano instruments, alongside with expressive orchestral elements, create a unique opportunity for a listener to get lost in the prolific inspirational melodies full of bright feelings, transfering the mind into an exceptional meditation state. 

10 unreleased original songs of a total duration about 30 minutes, are now available to be listened by a few selected journalists and media representatives, who received this press release. You are now allowed to write articles or reviews of the album starting on this day. The official album release is planned on 1st of November, 2019.

Borrtex already has a decent portfolio as an independent artist, his tracks were streamed over three million times on online music platforms from all around the world. His work got licensed in more than 2,500 projects including several episodes of GaryVee Show, US National Park Service programmes, Jay Shetty’s short films and commercial placements for international brands such as Moncler, Xiaomi etc…

Starting just over two years ago, Borrtex has grown his love for making music into a fully fledged business making money from music licensing and developing bespoke award winning soundtracks for individuals and organisations.

For interviews and more detailed information about the record or about the artist, please feel free to contact this email address: